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Based in the heart of London, with a dynamic presence extending across the UK, Italy, and Russia, CTRL_SPACE stands as a premier international architectural firm. Specializing in luxury interior design and architectural brilliance, we redefine spaces into expressions of elegance and innovation.


Our Expertise:     Distinguished by our commitment to excellence, CTRL_SPACE excels in crafting opulent interiors for high-end residences, upscale apartments, and captivating retail and restaurant-bar environments. From visionary private clients to influential global developers and luxury hospitality leaders, our architects at CTRL_SPACE bring forth extraordinary visions to life.


Tailored Brilliance:     At CTRL_SPACE Architecture, we blend creativity with precision. Our multidisciplinary teams collaborate seamlessly to shape environments that resonate with the unique aspirations of each client. We sculpt spaces that are not only tailored but personalized, reflecting the very essence of our client’s desires.


Design Leadership:     Setting new benchmarks in design, our diverse portfolio speaks volumes of our design prowess. With an innovative approach, we transcend mere expectations, consistently surpassing the requirements and visions of our clients. Adapting to the distinct challenges of every project, we orchestrate comprehensive development management programs that ensure on-time project delivery without compromising on quality, all while maintaining strict budget control.


Holistic Mastery:     CTRL_SPACE prides itself on offering holistic mastery throughout the entire project lifecycle, from inception to the final brushstroke. With an unwavering focus on conceptual, technical, and planning aspects, we command every phase of our projects with finesse, ensuring a harmonious transition from idea to realization.


Collaborative Vision:     As champions of collaborative synergy, we invite companies and developers to join hands with us. Together, let’s amplify business horizons while preserving an unwavering commitment to architectural excellence and meticulous attention to detail. CTRL_SPACE seeks partners who recognize the pivotal role architecture plays in enhancing brand identity and customer experience.


Join the our Journey:     Step into a realm where architectural dreams converge with reality. CTRL_SPACE beckons you to embark on a journey where spaces are redefined, aspirations are met, and boundaries are transcended. Together, let’s craft a world that mirrors the fusion of imagination and expertise, giving rise to architectural marvels that stand the test of time.


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Architecture and Interior Design

Our team, consisting of architects and interior designers, will work with you to enhance the functionality of your property and optimize your space. We, at CTRL, are well-equipped to handle structural and architectural challenges as we believe that functionality is equally important as design in creating a comfortable and luxurious environment for you.

Visualization and Virtual Reality

Our range of services allows you to visualize properties before they are built, using static renders, videos, or virtual reality images. Our main objective is to provide architects, designers, property developers, and real estate professionals with new opportunities for exploration and innovation. With our tools, you can explore possibilities and hone your vision like never before.

Planning, Project Management

The success of any architectural project relies heavily on its design and planning process. This process determines the nature and level of complexity of the construction, as well as the required resources, time frame, and ultimate outcome. Our clients trust us to provide superior solutions, innovations, and ideas to develop a framework that consistently adds value and achieves desired results.

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