About Us

CTRL SPACE international architectural firm based in London and operation in UK, Italy and Russia.

Ctrl_ Space delivers design for luxury interior projects, hi-end apartments, retail and restaurant-bar.

With projects ranging from private clients to global developers and luxury hospitality providers, Ctrl_Space Architecture conceives and realizes exceptional interiors and architecture. Our teams work together to deliver spaces that are tailored and personalized to the Client’s needs.

Ctrl_Space’s extensive and varied portfolio sets us apart as leading designers. We implement a new and original approach to ensure the requirements and vision of each Client is even surpassed. We respond to the individual needs and challenges on each project to deliver a fully encompassing development management program, to be able to deliver the project on time and controlling the budget with uncompromised quality.

The main advantage of our architectural office is the ability to provide comprehensive control of all the project’s phases from conception to completion of the work, following all conceptual, technical and planning aspects.

We are looking for collaborations with companies and developers that would like to expand their business giving the right attention to the quality of architecture and details.

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Architecture and Interior Design

Our team of interior architects and designers will collaborate with you on improving the functionality of your property and optimize your space. It is because of our know-how, that CTRL_welcomes structural and architectural challenges, as we believe that functionality is just as important as design when creating a comfortable as well as a luxurious environment for you.

Visualization and Virtual Reality

We help you to envision properties before they are actually built through static renders, videos or virtual reality images. We are dedicated to opening new horizons for architects, designers, property developers, real estate professionals.

Planning, Project Management

Every architectural project is dependent on a successful design and planning process. It controls the nature and complexity of the build, defining the resources needed, the time taken and the overall outcome. Our clients look to us to come up with better solutions, innovations and ideas in order to create a framework that always adds value and delivers results.